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50% Off Acupuncture!

Does acupuncture work? YES!

Is there scientific clinical research to verify that viewpoint? YES!

The World Health Organisation commissioned a large scale study of research in 1996 that showed acupuncture was effective (strong language for WHO as their standard for efficacy is high!) in the following conditions:

  1. Migraine

  2. Tension headache

  3. Low Back Pain

  4. Knee Osteoarthritis

  5. Post chemo nausea/vomiting

  6. Post-operative nausea/vomiting

  7. Allergic Rhinitis (seasonal and perennial persistent)

  8. Pain (post operative)

Since then clinical research into acupuncture has outpaced the research into biomedicine. Mounting research evidence shows that in addition to the conditions above, there are another 147 conditions where acupuncture is therapeutically effective. So yes it does work!

Apparently there is often a gap of 17 years between research findings and clinical application of research findings. But here in Richmond, no gap need exist! You can get effective and safe natural treatment for what ails you.

Introducing Paige White

Acupuncture therapist Richmond

Our new acupuncturist, Paige White brings 13 years of experience as an alternative medical therapist to Sheen Road Chiropractic. She is licensed to practice acupuncture in the USA and the UK. She won a research award to investigate the effects of tai chi qigong practice on cancer patients and is a talented teacher of tai chi qigong. She is an enthusiastic and well-trained practitioner seeking to use acupuncture to its highest potential to improve the health of her patients.

Paige has a wide range of experience. She has treated stroke patients, athletes with injuries and women undergoing IVF treatment. She is a proud advocate for acupuncture treatment as a serious medicine capable of making clear and lasting changes in many health conditions. She feels it is an obvious choice as an effective and natural option for increasingly well informed patients.

Paige teaches tai chi and qigong on retreats in Morocco, USA, and holds regular classes here in the UK. She will be teaching tai chi qigong classes in Richmond starting in January 2018. She enjoys writing, reading, yoga and walking in Richmond park in her spare time.

Paige will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is offering 50% off your initial consultation.

Click HERE to make an appointment.

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