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The cost benefits of chiropractic

We all know that when you see a chiropractor you feel better, right!!! But did you know of

the benefits to your pocket?

A study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physio therapy in 2007 compared patients with a

medical doctor as their primary care physician (PCP) to patients with a chiropractor as a PCP

and analysed them for clinical utilization, cost offsets and member satisfaction. 70,274

member-months were examined and patients using a chiropractor yielded the following

results (as compared to patients using a medical doctor as a PCP).

  • 60.2% decreased in-hospital admissions

  • 59% decreased hospital days

  • 62% decreased outpatient surgeries and procedures

  • 85% decreased pharmaceutical costs

The deceases in these areas mean a decrease in your out-of-pockets expenses, how many

days off work would have all this taken if you needed surgeries or time in the hospital. Some

people get sick pay, but most are on statutory which doesn’t pay much, especially expensive

if you are self-employed. The data also showed that there were significant less drugs

prescribed which means more healthier people.

Some other interesting facts about chiropractic:

  • Chiropractic techniques are 40% for effective than medical care when treating lower back pain.

  • Chiropractic care has a lower injury rate than general primary care.

  • 46% of patients that visit a chiropractor go due to lower back pain.

  • The most common age to see a chiropractor is between the ages of 45-64 years old.

  • There are more than 100 chiropractors registered worldwide.

  • Chiropractic care has significantly lower injury rate than general primary care for patients over 66.

Not only is chiropractic more cost benefit but the outcomes are significantly better and

more effective. So, let me ask you this, not can I afford chiropractic but how can you not

afford chiropractic?

- Dr Camilla DC


1. Clinical Utilisation and Cost Outcomes From an Integrative Medicine Independent

Physician Association: An Additional 3-Year Update. Journal of Manip and Physio

Therapy. May 2007.



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