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5 Reasons to Visit Our Clinic if you are in Severe in Pain.

Severe Back Pain

1. No stairs

If you have had an accident, have reoccurring pain, or have slept in a bad position and are experiencing severe pain you will not be completely mobile. Many Chiropractic Clinics are on the 1st floor above a shop on a high street, this may sound convenient but if you have back pain then climbing the stairs can be very difficult and painful.

2. Parking right outside

Finding it difficult to walk? No problem, park right outside our front door. It's only a few steps from your car to our clinic.

3. Extensive Health Check

If you've been experiencing pain or discomfort for a long time then you may not know the real source of your problem. You will receive a thorough health consultation where we check your whole body from head to toe so that we can correct the underlying cause of your health problem.

4. In-house X-rays

In most cases the Chiropractor will be able to see the source of the problem from a physical examination and health history but sometimes further tests are needed. At Sheen Road Chiropractic we have Digital X-ray technology that takes X-ray images and instantly records them onto a computer, the image detail is crystal clear and is very quick.

5. Spinal Health Products

We have many products that will help relieve your pain and create good posture and spine health long term. Some of our favourite products are all natural muscle rub for instant relief, mobile back support that will fit onto any chair, pillows anatomically shaped for correct spine alignment and comfort, and a wide range of insoles that will give you the support you need.

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