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Neck X-Rays

One of the first signs of your spine being out of alignment is your posture, and within the posture one of the most common change is the neck position being forward and on x-ray being straight instead of curved. This increases the weight of the neck and the pressure at the front of the neck. This increases the workload by a factor of 10 for every cm forward. A common reaction to someone having their first neck adjustment by a chiropractor is their head feels lighter, that is because the neck alignment is coming back into position and not being pulled forward. When the neck is out of alignment and the pressure is at the front of the neck it starts to cause degenerative changes, once you have those degenerative changes you can’t change it but you can prevent it from getting worse.

When we start adjusting the neck it allows the neck to go back into the correct position. This x-ray shows the before and after of someone that has been in care for about 1 year. We do see these changes within around 3 months. As you can see the neck is in forward position and has lost the curve of the neck. In the second x-ray the neck has regained its curve and has moved back into position not craned forward.

Putting the neck into the correct position like this will:

• stop degeneration,

• take pressure of the neck and make it feel lighter,

• get rid of muscle tension at the front of the neck,

• stop interference to the vital nerves that supply the body.

The nerves in the neck supply muscles around the neck and the skin around the neck and head, this can lead pain down the arms, headaches, dizziness, pain and restriction of movement. These nerves also go to the organs around the head and neck which can lead to ringing in the ears, throat issue and jaw problems.

Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years and was first known for its health improvement benefits, it later became known for pain. Whilst most people come to our office for pain, they stay because the see the benefits of prevention and corrected posture.

Contact the office on 02083322395 to book in for your spine to be checked.


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