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Neuro Emotional Technique - NET


Neuro Emotional Technique - NET

There are different reasons why subluxations occur, it can be due to physical, chemical and emotional stressors, quite often these stressors get held within the body and need to be corrected in order to restore full balance and health to the body.  NET is a system that uses a physiological (not psychological) correction that an emotion has caused, which is without extrinsic values to influence the patient/client's life.

NET is safe and effective, and is a natural way to instantly resolve long-standing health problems by resolving the emotional components that accompany the physical symptoms.

If you’re in a weakened state due to factors such as stress or physical trauma, everyday emotional responses may not fully resolve as they naturally should. Later in our lives, when we experience a similar situation, an old emotional response can kick in.

Individually, we rarely see the link between a past event and our present situation. This is where NET is crucial — NET can help identify an old unresolved event (real or imagined) and help your body release its lingering emotional response. For good!

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NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) important information:

NET practitioners can find unresolved, negatively-charged emotional responses that are stored in your body and help you release them. It’s fast, it's fun, and it can dramatically improve your health.

Finding “trapped” or conditioned memory loops is done with the help of simple muscle testing. This helps determine if your body is in harmony with a particular concept or idea which is linked to an unresolved emotional event.

To make the correction, you’ll form a mental picture - a “snapshot” - of the original triggering event. Your body will assume an emotional state similar to the way it originally reacted. Then we will contact (or ask you to contact) a specific body point that is associated with the unresolved emotional response. This helps your body release the emotion linked to the event. It’s that simple!

After the correction, many patients report feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders. If things become too personal or uncomfortable during the process, just say the word and the session can end safely. You are always in control.

Originally NET was developed to help chiropractors fix the chronic recurring vertebral subluxation, by finding the emotional determinant of this physical problem. This emotional complex influences muscles, which, of course, are the movers of vertebrae and other jointed bones. Many chiropractors and osteopaths have used the NET technology in this way since 1988, when the first NET seminar was taught. However it was soon noted that while the NET intervention for the body was creating a physical relief they also noticed that the ‘drama’ of their lives was improving as well, that they were less stressed and felt happier. The mind and body are inseparable in physiology so it makes sense that both aspects of the mind/body are benefited. Therefore we can utilize emotional complaints to isolate and correct physical problems.

The Founder of Chiropractic, D. D. Palmer, stated in 1895, "The determining causes of Disease are Traumatism, Poison, & Autosuggestion." –and – "Moving thoughts produce disease-- malice, revenge, remorse, grief, worry, spite, etc."

NET works by:

  1. muscle testing accesses the physiology of the body and the physiology of emotions, muscles test weak when saying a non-congruent statement.

  2. emotions are physiologically based they are Information Substances (IS) which are neuropeptides, hormones and other specialized information molecules

  3. Pavlovian Responses. Humans are conditioned by one event and this gets locked in physiologically, NET helps to unlock this and allows the body to go through the normal process.

  4. Emotions / meridian system correlations, an acupuncture theory known as the five element law, for example the link between anger and the liver.

  5. Repetition Compulsion (RC). Freuds contributions that once we have been emotionally traumatized we may non-consciously seek to repeat a like trauma in the future, this will re-visit you again in similar circumstances if unresolved.

  6. The role of memory and physiology. When we remember a traumatic event the body replicates that physiology that occurred at the time of the event.

  7. Semantic Responses. The physiology of the bosy can be reactive to say the sight of a spider but also the word ‘spider’

NET is:

  • Treats the bodily complex in which an emotion (and an affixed subluxation) is a component part.

  • Resolves fixations of emotions cause by primary subluxations held within the body, which are vulnerable to retriggering under specific conditions

  • Re-establishes neural integrity

  • Uses physiological corrected not psychological correction

  • Taught to practitioners who hold a master’s degree or more in the healing arts

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