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Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition is nutrition of patients in health care and it incorporates primarily the scientific fields of nutrition and dietetics. It aims to keep a healthy energy balance in patients, as well as providing sufficient amounts other nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. 


Camilla promotes optimal health while recognizing biochemical individuality within the person, it involves information, nutrition / lifestyle modification, nutritive supplementation, understanding of physiological/biochemical pathways, and evoking of regenerative processes.  Becoming a clinical nutritionist requires extensive education, certification and a commitment to the field.  Camilla has done extensive training in nutrition through her different degrees and has a masters in clinical nutrition.  She also specialises in family health including children and babies. She is a speaker, writer and author, and has a published book, a blog column, and has written articles for magazines.

Please contact us on 0208 332 2395 to book an appointment 

Camilla is a specialist with the following conditions

IBS and digestive system disorders
Chronic fatigue
CFS/ME and general fatigue from adrenal exhaustion.
Female hormonal health
Ovarian cysts (PCOS), menstrual cycle abnormalities, moodiness, fertility, thrush, vaginitis, menopause problems, and HRT problems, thyroid problems
These include parasitic infestation, candida, chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diahrea, constipation, bloating, infections with the gut, reflux, hiatus hernia, irritable bowel syndrome.
With supplements and diet change these can be helped naturally.
Testing to find out your intolerances and how they react to the body and general health.
Fibromyalgia, arthritis (RA and OA).
Musculoskeletal issues
Allergies and food intolerances
High blood pressure and cholesterol
Chelating and lymphatic draining.
Heavy metal toxins
Skin conditions, reflux, colic, sleep issues, digestive system issues
Babies and children
By getting the body and system balanced, and also teaching you eat whats right for you, Camilla has had many success in weight loss. She also looks at it from an emotional point of view, getting the mind set right and exercise, with her experience as a personal trainer.
Weight loss
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